Before you start, keep in mind:

  1. Each person’s story is unique to their relationship with God. There is no one “right” story.
  2. People come to love God and grow in Him at different rates and in different ways.
  3. There is no need for embarrassment. There’s no stage that’s better or worse than any other stage – what matters is that your faith isn’t stagnant, and you are moving closer to a deep relationship with Christ.
  4. While your complete story might be quite long, for most purposes, your testimony should be quite short – 3-5 minutes.

Developing your faith story:

Now you can begin to create a testimony of your past and current journey through stages of faith. Use the thoughts and questions below to help you.

  1. Brainstorm what experiences have shaped your story and specific events or revelations that moved you into a new stage. Use stories as much as possible.

  2. Determine where you are today in terms of your stage of faith.
  3. Write or type your story. This will help you stay focused.
  4. Use your own creative gifts to develop a word picture, an image, a drawing, or write out the words of a song that symbolizes your unique experience up to this point on your journey of faith.

Helpful Questions for Each Stage

 The list below is meant to assist you in writing your testimony. They are suggested ideas or questions that are meant to prompt you.  Only select one to three prompts from each stage. One option to prevent overwhelm is to use a highlighter to quickly mark the questions that jump out at you.

Stage 1:  Exploring Christ

  1. Describe your life prior to your relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior.
  2. What word or adjective would best describe your relationship with God during this stage of your life?
  3. If you have not yet made a commitment to Christ, what are the questions you are wrestling with?
  4. How did God move in your life to warm you up to the Gospel?
  5. What events in your life caused you to come to faith in Jesus Christ?
  6. What were the circumstances around your coming to faith in Jesus?
  7. When and why did you make a commitment to follow Jesus?

Stage 2:  Growing and Serving in Christ

  1. Describe the most influential practices and people who have influenced growth in knowledge about Christ and your relationship with him.
  2. What word or adjective would best describe your relationship with God during this stage of your life?
  3. Who and what have you confidently relied on for answers to faith questions?
  4. Who makes up your significant circle for friendship, encouragement and what impact have they had on your faith journey?
  5. What are your spiritual gifts and how are they in play in your life and faith community?
  6. Who are the spiritual heroes and heroines that you follow?
  7. Where do you experience a sense of accomplishment in your spiritual life?
  8. When have you accepted a spiritual responsibility in a community?
  9. Are you working on any particular spiritual goals?


Stage 3:  Journeying deeper in Christ

  1. Have you experienced a significant faith or life crisis that has shaken your sense of spiritual well-being?
  2. Describe how your image of God changed from earlier times?
  3. If you felt like your faith was falling apart, describe how or what was causing it.
  4. Have you experienced a nagging search of personal meaning? How? When?
  5. Have you lived with a deep sense that there has to be something “more than this” in your spiritual life, or experience of God?
  6. Can you describe a “dark night of the soul” experience?


Stage 4:  Abiding in Christ

  1. Describe how you are experiencing God’s presence and guidance in all aspects of life.
  2. Have you sensed a new, more focused sense of calling or ministry?
  3. What word or adjective would best describe your relationship with God during this stage of your life?
  4. When have you been given more energy or stamina than you’d had previously to survive a crisis, illness, growth time (and not experienced burnout)?
  5. Do you have a glimpse of God’s purpose (vocation, call, ministry) for your life?
  6. How are you detached from self and the world and attached to God?

Congratulations! You’ve completed a very important step towards sharing your faith story to honor God and encourage others.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider sharing your story in a safe, intimate group of friends. Doing so will help you understand your own journey more richly and your shared vulnerability will open you to deeper, spiritual friendships.

If you are feeling bold, we’d love to see your faith stories online! Share a video or written story with the hashtag #MyFaithStory and tag us @ascendingleader (Twitter) or @ascendingleaders (Facebook) so we can celebrate your story with you!

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