DiscipleForward Workshops

DiscipleForward is for pastors, church staff, lay leaders, small group leaders, or anyone else involved in leading adult discipleship programs within their church. This workshop provides a practical framework for understanding the stages of spiritual growth and how your church can improve at growing more disciples.

DiscipleForward 1

DiscipleForward1 introduces you to a biblical grounding for discipleship growth, gives you a practical framework for understanding the stages of spiritual growth, teaches you how to use group sizes for optimum growth in each stage, and leaves you with a DisciplePath structure for strategizing how to get people moving. This is the first of three workshops, which can be offered as a stand-alone event, as the first of a series, or as a day one of a two-or three-day event with DiscipleForward2: Going Deeper and DiscipleForward3: Here to There.

DiscipleForward 2: Going Deeper

DiscipleForward2: GoingDeeper takes us into the nuts-and-bolts of how to apply the concepts in church planning:

1) Multiple tools for evaluating where people are in the stages.

2) How to recognize and help people through the wall.

3) Methods to help people grow from stage 2 (where many congregations find members are stuck) to stage 3.

4) The beginning of a plan to build and sustain ministry momentum.

This isn’t just content we could give you through videos or blog posts. The five hours you spend at DiscipleForward 2: GoingDeeper includes time to process the information in a collaborative setting. You’ll leave with tangible next steps. Plus, Ascending Leaders will follow up with you to find out how those steps are going!

DiscipleForward 3: Here to There

After completing the first two workshops, we encourage you to bring your key leaders to DiscipleForward3: HereToThere for a day of strategizing your next church-wide steps toward a simple DisciplePath. It’s a “come as you are” day: come with your challenges and questions, and leave with concrete next steps to making disciples in your church.

Investment Cost

The typical cost of bringing DiscipleForward Workshops to your community or church is between $1,200-$2,500 per workshop including expenses.


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