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Discipleship coaching produces lasting fruit

Ascending Leaders works with churches to increase their awareness of Christ. Here you will find case studies from the coaching provided by Ascending Leaders, that are instructive and impactful to developing discipleship skills.

Church Snapshots

Chapelwood United Methodist Church • Houston, TX

John Stephens, Lead Pastor

Teresa Rossy, Adult Discipleship Director

Avg. Adult Attendance: 2,000

Measurable Results: Spiritual Vitality Index increased from 43 in 2019 to 65 in 2020.

The key: The staff gained shared concepts through training from Ascending Leaders. These concepts were about how disciples grow. The staff also identified core improvements they felt the church needed, which they presented to the congregation through a “My Next Step” campaign.

Ascending Leaders’ Role: In 2019, AL coached Chapelwood over 3 months through taking REVEAL and understanding the results. In 2020, AL coached over 7 months to compare the results, understand the changes and plan for further improvement. AL staff also presented to an adult Sunday School class.

“Our congregation responded well to the initial steps Ascending Leaders helped us discern, to move our church to deeper, broader Christ-centered discipleship. We could sense the change. Two years later, we are still implementing what we learned from the second season with Ascending Leaders!” Teresa Rossy

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church • Solana Beach, CA

Mike McClenahan, Lead Pastor

Paula Taylor, Discipleship Pastor through 2021

Avg. Adult Attendance: 650

Measurable Results: Spiritual Vitality Index increased from 28 in 2017 to 84 in 2021.

The key: The senior leadership said that all leaders, beginning with the senior pastor, need to take personal responsibility for their spiritual growth.

Ascending Leaders’ Role: In 2017, AL coached SBPC over 6 months through taking REVEAL and understanding the results. In 2021, AL coached over 3 months to compare new REVEAL results to the previous, understand the changes and plan for further improvement.

“Mike Johnson of Ascending Leaders has been on a journey with us since we took REVEAL in 2017.

I am so grateful to Mike for sharing the results of the REVEAL study for this year. We are going to move forward trusting God and grateful for his faithfulness in the midst of COVID as we have grown in our vitality as a church.” Mike McClenahan

Madison Church-The Square Campus • Grand Rapids, MI

Darrell Delaney, Lead Pastor Avg. Adult Attendance: 465

Measurable Results: The church culture shifted from a performance-based culture to a discipling culture.

The key: Getting staff and team leaders to pull in the same direction.

Ascending Leaders’ Role: AL coached the staff in 2014-2015 to think of ministry as growing deeper disciples, concluding with a leaders retreat in 2015. AL presented at another congregational retreat in 2017, followed by coaching them through taking REVEAL in 2019 and, lastly, coaching their senior pastor in culture change in 2020.

“I recommend anyone who is serious about discipleship to go and check out Ascending Leaders because they will help you get tangible results. Our passion is discipleship and they helped us get results. You will not be disappointed.” Darrell Delaney

Greensburg Christian Church • Greensburg, KS

Jon Harrison, Pastor Avg. Adult Attendance: 35

Measurable Results: Spiritual Vitality Index increased from 72 in 2019 to 89 in 2021.

The key: Over two years, the discipleship team of this church and their pastor worked at improving their discipleship in an Ascending Leaders discipleship co-lab. They focused all ministry around the theme of the Sunday morning message which was based on reading through the Bible in three years.

Ascending Leaders’ Role: Through a two-year church discipleship co-lab, Ascending Leaders coached this church through early wins at improving discipleship, defining disciple and discipleship, and implementing a discipleship pathway. This experience began & ended with a RENOVO assessment.

“Ascending Leaders helped us better define, plan, and implement a faithful discipleship strategy. We have seen churchwide engagement, the first time for many, in the process of discipleship. We are on the path of spiritual growth.” Jon Harrison

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