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Ascending Leaders’ Church Liaison will work on average 17 hours a week searching for clients for Ascending Leaders. This person will support the Ascending Leaders team by finding those churches who are ready to sign on for our services. This will include leading various recruitment activities. This person will follow up with churches in order to move them down the recruitment funnel. S/he will collaborate with a number of key AL persons to drive efficient outcomes for Church clients.

The clients could be for any of AL services, though an emphasis will be on custom individual church coaching (large churches) and churches that are eligible for new co-labs that is forming or for grant fulfillment coaching (small churches).


  • Find churches that are excellent prospects for AL services.
  • Reach out to pastors as the key gatekeepers, get to know them and recruit them to the services.
  • Know well the services AL can perform and the handoff when a church is recruited.
  • Record the contacts and recruitment funnel progress in Salesforce.
  • Service the AL exhibit at conferences, where applicable (costs covered by Ascending Leaders).
  • Produce AL podcast.


  • Associate degree required (B.A. or B.S. preferred. A Masters is an added positive)
  • A ministry degree and/or ministry experience.

  • The resume that would speak of credibility to pastors of a variety of denominations.

  • The ability to woo pastors of various denominations, as well as independent pastors.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills, along with writing skills for writing emails and notes to contacts.

  • Focus

  • Perseverance

  • Relational Skills

  • Care about discipleship in local congregations and the Ascending Leaders way.

  • Recruitment strengths

  • Leadership Skills.

  • Experience using Excel to track various areas of knowledge and create reports.

  • Experience manipulating and creating PowerPoint files for use in presentations.

  • Experience of using Salesforce is an asset. If the candidate does not have this experience, then the aptitude to learn the use of it for recording call notes and tracking churches in the sales funnel is necessary.

Work environment and wage expectations

  • The staff of Ascending Leaders currently works out of distributed offices (normally residences).
  •  This work can be performed at a location and times chosen by the staff, as long as phone contact is made during the best hours to reach pastors (i.e. Fridays are not usually good days for phoning pastors–many are off) and available for staff meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The staff can provide her/his own computer that can run Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and her/his own high speed internet connection. Or Ascending Leaders will provide a laptop.
  • The starting wage will be in the range of $20-$30/hour, calculated by the hour worked in 15 minute increments.

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Application deadline is August 15, 2024.

Discipleship Coach Position Description

An Ascending Leadership Discipleship Coach is equipped and:

  • Will Coach congregations in DisciplePaths, RENOVO use and/or Charting your Church Course and groups of church staff in DiscipleOn when the opportunity arises.
  • Will teach the core concepts of the stages of a Disciples Growth in various settings and various ways, including at DiscipleForwards.
  • Will follow up with attenders to various teaching or coaching situations to encourage more discipleship growth in the future.
  • Will make recruitment calls to pastors and churches they know or follow up on contacts coming from Ascending Leaders or even visiting a pastor to discuss discipleship and how Ascending Leaders can help them.
  • Will represent Ascending Leaders at event exhibits as when the fit seems good.
  • May serve as a guest on a podcast.
  • May develop resources as seems to fit.
  • May fill in other specialty situations.

Discipleship Coaches are independent contractors serving churches through Ascending Leaders at a rate between 1 and 40 hours a week.

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