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Your church isn’t cookie cutter, and a cookie cutter program won’t help your congregation grow closer to Christ. We provide experienced coaches who will help you find your church’s unique strengths, set measurable goals for creating a discipleship culture, and guide you in achieving eternal outcomes. Our coaches equip you, because we understand that discipleship is not an inspiring event or an academic seminar: it’s a journey.


Our Church Liaison Position is OPEN, applications are due by August 15, 2024. Apply Now!


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What IS a disciple?

A disciple is someone who is loving God more deeply, resulting in loving others more selflessly. Wherever you are in your faith journey is the best place to begin falling deeper in love with Jesus!

What IS discipleship?

Discipleship is the act of forming a disciple. In churches, this is about equipping disciples, in every stage of faith, to continue growing closer to Jesus. This includes helping people identify where they are in the discipleship continuum, and providing clear resources, ministries, and ministry opportunities to move them forward in their faith.

How does Ascending Leaders help?

We support effective discipleship in churches through coaching, teaching, and resourcing. We coach churches, teach discipleship staff and lay leaders, and publish small group studies for use by disciples. Over 85% of our work is funded by donors who see the need for this work in churches today.

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DiscipleOn! Cohort - Basics

Registration is open.

The DiscipleOn! Cohort: BASICS is an effective environment with individualized attention within a micro-community to learn the staged-model of congregational discipleship. You even get to pick your favorite Discipleship Coach to be yours. Be watching next month for more information.

Assessment For Churches

Looking to increase your members’ Christ-like traits? Explore the value of taking your church’s spiritual temperature.


Most churches don't have a clearly defined path to move people through the discipleship stages. Ascending Leaders brings a proven framework for building your own effective DisciplePath.

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