UPDATE: Matching2Multiply 2016

The checks are in! The donations from #GivingTuesday have been counted (and multipled x4!). Y’all, we are at 91% of our goal!!

Thank you to everyone who has taken up the challenge from our generous “Matching2Multiply” crew! There are 17 days left in the year…who is going to push us over the top and max out our x2 matching offer?!

Thank you for the best #GivingTuesday yet!

Wow! Our donors are amazing. Thank you, to everyone who gave from $20 to $1,000 on #GivingTuesday. Checks are still coming in, but so far your gifts have exceeded those received for National Giving Day last year by a whopping 63%!

With one month left to go in 2016, we’re over halfway to our year-end fundraising goal. This has been a year of growth, momentum, and humbling gifts as God continues to work through Ascending Leaders to make a discernible difference for discipleship in the churches we partner with. So what do you think — can we fly right on past that stretch goal? Can you help us do more than we could possibly envision on our own?

Good news: our Matching2Multiply crew is standing by to double your donations through the end of the year!! You may have missed #GivingTuesday, but you can still multiply your impact by sending a check or giving online before midnight on New Year’s Eve!*


*As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation to Ascending Leaders is tax-deductible.


Tomorrow is the day to multiply the impact of your donation for discipleship!

Our faithful Matching2Multiply crew will quadruple all donations to Ascending Leaders on Nov. 29, 2016!

How can you give more generously than any other day of the year? Give online after midnight tonight, or mail a check dated 11/29/2016.

$10 becomes $40

$100 becomes $400

$1,000 becomes $4,000

Help us continue to transform discipleship in churches by transforming your gift into treasure for the kingdom!
All donations to Ascending Leaders are US tax-deductible. Mailing address: 3947 Field Crossing Lane, Sugar Land, Texas, 77498.

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