Top 3 take-aways from our December webinar (and what happens next)

If you missed our free live-streamed event with Mindy Caliguire last week, we won’t hold it against you. We had a great time discussing the vital need as leaders to lean into God every day, and lean off of yourself. Are you taking care of your own heart? Are you a disciple as well as a discipleship leader?

Here are three of the top take-aways reported by the attendees:

1. Only out of the overflow can we care for a congregation.

“This is a constant thing so I need to daily give myself this reminder — maybe even at multiple times of the day. I lean into God already but it’s easy to neglect it and sort of float on my own.”

The cost of following Jesus in ministry ISN’T to be the diminishing of our own soul.” 

2. Expectations need to be negotiated and renegotiated when changing paradigms, not from an adversarial, but a teaching/shepherding/guiding point of view!

I will need to come back to this when necessary conversations come up relating to this.”

Our adversary is not the board, the senior pastor, etc… God has made a way for transformation to happen through intercessory prayer.”

Which brings us to…

3. Find intercessors immediately.

“We need to wisely tap into intercessors.”

“I will need to pray about who and how to get better at this.”

And what was the #1 next action planned by DiscipleOn! members and guests?

Lead a rebellion!  With the mindset of a rebel – lead for transformation yet with the determination to not allow our own souls to be neglected.

A new session of DiscipleOn! starts in February!

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Join us for a conversation with Mindy Caliguire this Thursday!

This Thursday at 1:30 PM (CST), our board member and guest Mindy Caliguire is joining the fall session of the DiscipleOn! community learning group for a special webinar.

Mindy’s passion for church leadership and disciple-growing cultures is clear from her body of work. She’s the founder of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the body of Christ. She previously served as the Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association (WCA) and currently serves on the senior alignment team at Gloo as the Compassion International & Church Initiative Lead ( Mindy is also a speaker and leadership consultant, working with local churches and national organizations such as Renovare, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Salvation Army, and her home church, Ascent (

Our conversation with Mindy on Thursday will be around her book Become Like Jesus: Regaining Clarity on Transformation in the Local Church.


This is going to be a unique, amazing experience with participants who care deeply about discipleship and work daily in the trenches. 


Would you consider sharing this invitation with a friend or colleague who might enjoy spending an hour with just such a group? 


And of course, you are welcome to join in! Please register so we can send you a chapter excerpt to read beforehand:


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