6 Ways to Show Love Today

By Natalie LaValley

Happy Valentine’s Day! Maybe you have an elaborate dinner date planned with your spouse, or maybe you’re single. Either way, here are a few ways to show love today that you that you might not have thought of before and that don’t require a significant other.

1. Send a Valentine to your single friend/family member.

When I was young, my brothers sent flowers to me and my sisters. I loved it! If you try something like this, make your Valentine about celebrating your friendship with that person. Don’t act like you’re “making up” for their being single!

2. Send flowers to a widow/widower.

You probably know several in your church. Being alone again after many years of marriage is hard. Let this person know that they’re still cared for and thought of. Again, focus on the person and your relationship with them, not on the absence of their spouse.

3. Write a letter.

Right now, flowers, chocolates, and balloons are everywhere. Go ahead and buy those chocolate-covered almonds for your significant other (never hurt anyone, right?), but consider also taking the time to write a letter telling that person what you love about them and what your relationship means to you. They’ll probably hang onto it forever. You can do this for a friend, too, of course!

4. Send your parents a card.

Did your parents give you chocolate for Valentine’s Day when you were a kid? Maybe you could return the favor with a card celebrating your parents’ love. Of course, many of us might have parents who divorced; if that’s the case, you can still thank your parent/s for the love they showed you. Whatever your family’s complications may be, only do what feels appropriate and don’t be guilted into anything that wouldn’t be genuine.

5. Respond to negativity with genuine care.

Around this time of year, you might see a lot of people posting sarcastic “Singles Awareness Day” memes or dealing with the heartbreak of a recent breakup or divorce. Don’t slap “Bible bandaids” on these people or send them Hallmark-sounding messages. Tell them something you genuinely love or respect about them. When you encourage someone with a specific affirmation about them, it shows that your comment was thoughtful and that you weren’t just telling them a generic message to make them feel better.

6. Give the gift of time.

This can be the hardest gift of all. It might not be possible today. Maybe you’re on a business trip right now, or your commute will take up half your evening. Either way, plan a time to just enjoy being with someone you love. Instead of planning activities, make that time about simply “hanging out.”.

Have a happy Valentine’s (and maybe hold onto some of these ideas for next year, too)!

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