One foundation we applied to for support in 2017 wrote us this response:

“Thanks for your request of to our foundation to support your work in the ministry. I am sorry to report to you that our foundation has recently donated all of its funds, and has been dissolved. Nevertheless, I congratulate you on your work, because the average Christian and church member today is void of any knowledge regarding God’s purpose and plan for the ages. Actually, they are unable to even articulate the milk of the Word, much less the meat. I therefore encourage you to continue your efforts, and in particular to concentrate on educating pastors and parishioners in Paul’s second ministry regarding the church of the one body in Christ, and it’s heavenly calling. Without that understanding the average Christian will never grow in the grace and knowledge of Him, because they only have half of the story.”

We couldn’t agree more, and this past year we’ve been able to help more churches and leaders than ever before. Because of our expanding programs and the setback Harvey caused (see the lead article in our latest Highpoint for more information), in the remaining weeks of this year we need to raise double the donations we raised in the last eight weeks of last year.

That’s quite a challenge, but there’s good news:

  • Our Matching2Multiply Multiplying Pledgers will quadruple any donations mailed or received online on National Giving Day (Nov. 28).
  • After National Giving Day, our Matching2Multiply Multiplying Pledgers will double donations through the end of the year.

How can you help?

  • Set a reminder to send in your donation next Tuesday.
  • Share with friends and colleagues the reasons you believe discipleship is a worthy cause, and how donating to Ascending Leaders can further discipleship in churches today.
  • Pray for God to surprise us with an overflowing abundance to continue our work and expand to help more churches in the coming year.

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