As a church ministry leader, sometimes you realize your congregation is stuck. They’re repeating the same patterns. Signs of genuine discipleship and spiritual growth are sparse. If you’ve experienced this frustration, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s an online community dedicated to church leaders for sharing experiences and resources and receiving guidance in how to help their congregations move forward as disciples of Jesus. This is the DiscipleOn community.

Tim Eisenga is a church leader who joined the DiscipleOn. We at Ascending Leaders were privileged to have him share his experience with us. Here’s what he wrote:


“DiscipleOn has been a blessing to me and therefore the church I am serving, and I am thankful to God for that. DiscipleOn helped me to learn more about growing and leading discipleship within a church context. It was great to meet other people working to lead discipling within other churches and learn from their experiences and get ideas from listening to each other. Mike Johnson lead with many great topics that were applicable to the whole group.

Highlights for me included expert webinars with Mindy Caliguire, Greg Hawkins, and Bob Johnson. Mindy really challenged us to shepherd our churches well while also taking care of ourselves spiritually and emotionally. Greg demonstrated to us that being strong spiritual leaders who abide in Christ is a critical factor in growing disciples. And Bob demonstrated how he had a well-planned out discipling plan for people of all levels in a large church. The experience and conversations with these experts was very inspirational.

DiscipleOn helped me personally get support and encouragement from the group participants. The result of this was that I had more perseverance to keep moving the discipleship topic forward within my church, and discipleship has been growing as a result.”

Registration for the next DiscipleOn community closes this Saturday, January 20th. Register now and join us this February-June for the encouragement, support, and direction you need for yourself and for your church. Don’t disciple alone!

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