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Ascending Leaders recently took a big step in hiring a full-time operations manager, our first full-time position in addition to our President. We needed someone to oversee projects and respond to staff needs so that our President could focus on further developing Ascending Leaders to better serve churches, disciples and leaders in the future.

Because this step was so critical, we took ample time–it took us 12 years to take this step– and conducted a rigorous review process.  We went from 80 resumes to 20 applicants, to 8 initial interviews, to 3 finalists, to the very person God had in mind for Ascending Leaders. We are thrilled to welcome Rhonda Spriggs to the role of operations manager and to our Ascending Leaders team!

Rhonda brings almost twenty years of experience in the marketing database sector of business. God has blessed her with a effervescent, relational and detail-oriented personality, a high adaptability to others, and phenomenal management skills. Her strong customer service bent will please churches, disciples and leaders we serve. Rhonda is also the chair of the MBA Alumni Association of Houston Baptist University and has participated in her church’s volunteer youth ministry in Houston’s Third Ward for almost 20 years.

Mike says,

I am very excited to bring Rhonda on board as Ascending Leaders’ full-time operations manager. Not only does she love Jesus and have a passion for serving Him – she also has a BA and MBA from Houston Baptist University, where one of our board members is president, two of our team members are students, and three of my kids are alumni. We can already see the significant difference Rhonda will make in allowing Ascending Leaders to foster deeper discipleship and in freeing me up for greater focus.”

During her first day on the job, Rhonda was already asking each Ascending Leaders team member what she could do to support their work – and started doing just that! Her presence is already a tremendous blessing and making an impact on our team. It will not be long before those we serve will feel the difference Rhonda is making.

Rhonda shared,

I am so very excited to be working here at Ascending Leaders. The mission of helping others grow in their discipleship is very meaningful to me. I love the Lord, and I am excited to be within an organization that has the same values.”

Welcome to the team, Rhonda! We are excited to have you, too!

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